Noahs life became a nightmare. Loosing his job and family leads him to drugs, prostitution and solitude.
Nothing left than growing pains, there is only one who can give him back his peace and hope…

Fiction, Germany 2009, HDCAM, color, 6 min, DVCPro HD 720p, Final Cut Pro 5

Editor, Writer & Director: Marc Böhlhoff
Director of Photography: Lawrence Richards
Producer: Christian Brecht + Ümit Uludag
Cast: Wolf Richert, David Nathan (Voice)

Production: Indievisuals

’’Prädikat Wertvoll’’, Filmbewertungsstelle Wiesbaden, Germany 2009

•  ClipAward Mannheim, Germany 2009
•  Filmsharing, Germany 2009
•  Kurzfilmtag, Germany 2013
•  Raindance Film Festival Berlin – Filmmaker’s Feierabend Kater Holzig, Germany 2013


Official Poster:

The Headache House_Poster_01_RGB

Japanese Poster:

The Headache House_Japanisches Poster