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It’s quite plain to 7 year old Nori: She is a girl, because she has a girl’s heart. But her body is that of a boy …

Five years ago: Each and every day mother and son argue about what appears trivial: the colours of pants and shirts suddenly matter, soon all he agrees to wear are skirts and dresses, he likes to put barrettes in his still short hair. The neighbours start gossiping. Then one day, the boy reveals his favourite dream to his mum. A wizard will turn his penis into a vagina so he could be a “real” girl … It’s that day something comes to an end. It’s that day Josephin realises that she doesn’t have a son, that he had never existed – but that there is still a kid, a daughter. It becomes clear to her that she will have to break new ground to see her daughter grow up happily.

The documentary GIRL-HEARTED portrays young Nori and her mother’s conflict of enabling her daughter a life worth living out of the norm. A film about being a girl.


Documentary, Germany 2017, HD, color, 40 min, HD, Avid Media Composer 8

Director & Writer: Anne Scheschonk
Director of Photography: Markus Kloth
Music: Konstantin Wolkenstein + Kai Luniak
Sound: Max Hachemeister


Festivals + Screenings:

•  31th BFI LONDON LGBT FILM FESTIVAL – FLARE, London, UK, 2017 (Official Selection)
•  INDY FILM FEST – Indianapolis, Indiana, USA, 2017 (WINNER – BEST DOCUMENTARY 2017)
•  13th ACHTUNG BERLIN – New Berlin Film Award, Berlin, 2017 (Berlin Documents – Nomination “Preis der Ökumenischen Jury“)
•  2nd CIUDAD DE MÉXICO INT’L FILM FESTIVAL (Official Selection, México City, México)
•  8th FREDERICK FILM FESTIVAL, Maryland, USA, 2017 (Official Selection)
•  3rd FOOTCANDLE FILM FESTIVAL, North Carolina, USA, 2017 (Official Selection)
•  24th QUEERFILMFESTIVAL BREMEN, Germany, 2017 (Official Selection)
•  ATHENS INT’L FILM AND VIDEO FESTIVAL, Ohio, USA, 2017 (Official Selection)
•  10th THIN LINE FEST, Denton, Texas, USA, 2017 (Official Selection)
•  13th LEEDS QUEER FILM FESTIVAL, Leeds, UK, 2017 (Official Selection)
•  TRANSGENDER FILM FESTIVAL KIEL, Germany, 2017 (Official Selection)
•  12th MONACO CHARITY FILM FESTIVAL, Monaco, 2017 (Official Selection)
•  41. OPEN AIR FILMFEST Weiterstadt, Germany, 2017 (Official Selection)
•  1st GREAT MESSAGE INTERNATIONAL FILMFESTIVAL, Pune, India, 2017 (Official Selection)-
•  21st PERLEN – QUEER FILM FESTIVAL HANNOVER, Germany, 2017 (Official Selection)
•  31st BRAUNSCHWEIG INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL, Germany, 2017 (Official Selection, QUE*RSCHNITT: Neue LGBTQI*-Filme)
•  20th QUEERSICHT FILM FESTIVAL, Bern, Switzerland, 2017 (Official Selection)
•  KURZFILM-VERANSTALTUNG TRANS*KINDER (Screening, Caligari-FilmBühne Wiesbaden, Germany)
•  IDAHOT, Halle a.d.S. + Deutsches Filmmuseum Frankfurt, Germany, 2017




Rezension in der Zeitschrift AN.SCHLÄGE