In East Berlin, F’Hain, urban development in the past 15 years has been a grassroots-led process. After the reunification of Berlin, the eastern neighboroughood was left to his inhabitants, none was interested in it, and today Friedrichshain look like what his people wanted it to be, with many co-organized structures and intense occupation of urban spaces. Today East Berlin has become an attractive place for real estate business, and many conflicts of interests appear between local groups and foreign investors, who is allowed to influence the urban development process in the future? Who has the right to the city? This problematic is dealed in the film through the story of the RAW Tempel e.V. and his attempt to survive in F’Hain since his land has been sold to private investors.

Documentary, Germany 2009, HDCAM, color, 32 min, HD, Final Cut Pro 5

Director & Writer: Louise Culot
Director of Photography: Joanna Piechotta
Producer: Louise Culot

Production: Rock’n’Roll Pictures / Louise Culot Production

•  Kiezkieken Kurzfilmfestival, Berlin, Germany 2011 (2th Place)